How to creating a Journal Mailbox

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 supports two types of journaling:

  • Standard journaling: Configure a store that enables the recording of email in an organization. GFI Archiver can use Microsoft® Exchange Server journaling to centralize all the emails in a single mailbox for archival. This type of journaling is also called per-mailbox database journaling.
  • Premium journaling: Only available with Microsoft® Exchange Enterprise client access license. It enables an administrator to setup custom journaling rules such as:
  • Archive only incoming emails
  • Archive only outgoing emails
  • Archive emails for a particular group.

Which journaling method shall I use?

Choose standard journaling to archive all emails (inbound and outbound) for all users in your organization.
Choose premium journaling if you want more control over the emails to archive (For example, only for specific users or for inbound or outbound only).

Set up standard journaling

Create Mailbox: