How to install OpenCart manually

In this tutorial we will guide you on how to install OpenCart 2 on your hosting account using FTP and following the OpenCart 2 installation wizard. 

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How to improve Joomla speed

We know that speed is amongst the most important factors for the success of your website. By default, Joomla isn't slow but you can do a lot to optimize it and achieve great speed for your site. Here you will find the most essential actions you can take to speed up your Joomla 3 website.

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How to enable logs firewall on Plesk

Since version 8.0, Plesk has included a firewall module. This module is accessible from the control panel and makes it easy to configure your itpables-based firewall rules.

Though the module provides an easy to use interface for configuring the firewall, the tool does not configure firewall logging. When trying to debug connection issues, firewall logging is very useful. You can enable logging with the Plesk firewall by manipulating the firewall at the command line.

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How to password protect directory on Plesk

Password protecting a directory is useful if you want only a select few people to be able to access it using the login info you specify.

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