How to SSH to Google Cloud

Pre-requisite: go to
Download and

Run puttygen and generate the key

  1. Click 'Generate' move the mouse around as instructed and wait

  2. enter your desired username

  3. enter your password

  4. save the private key

  5. copy the entire content of the 'Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file' window. Make sure, you copy every single character from the beginning to the very end!

  6. go to the cloud console select your project and under Compute Engine / VM instances click on 'New instance' click on the advanced options link paste in the contents copied at step 5 into the entry box indicated 

  7. note the IP address of the instance once it is complete 
  8. Open putty, from the left hand menu go to Connection / SSH / Auth and define the key file location which was saved at step 4
  9. from the left hand menu go to Connection / Data and define the same username as the one at step 2 
  10. Enter the IP address noted at step 7
  11. name the connection below saved Sessions as 'GCE' click on 'Save' 
  12. double click the 'GCE' entry you just created
  13. accept the identy of the host 
  14. login with the password given at step 3 
  15. sudo su - and you are all set