Monthly Server Management

ITCare24/7 offers reliable, secure and ITIL- compliant support and management services for any type of Linux (Redhat, Fedora, CentOS and Debian) and Microsoft (Windows 2000 & 2003 & 2008 & 2012) and SUNSolaris. We manage server infrastructure for corporate and datacenters. By playing a pivotal role in reducing server operational expenses, increasing server availability, improving data protection & enhancing flexibility, we help businesses maintain a competitive edge.

Alert monitoring: Remote monitoring of servers on a 24×7 basis for fault, performance, and security alerts. Proactively escalate issues to appropriate departments and committed to overcome any of the issues within a reasonable time period.
Resolution management: Remote resolution of server problems on a 24×7 basis for fault, performance, and security issues.
Vulnerability management: Periodic and real-time scanning for vulnerabilities on servers. Identify potential security vulnerabilities and resolve them.
User monitoring: Track and report all user activity on critical servers. Identify suspicious activity and take corrective action.
Backup and Archiving: Proactively backup the critical data stored in your servers, and protect servers from any critical data loss or failure of storage.
Remote SysAdmin: we have certified server administrators to attend any problem to the server and we will provide instant solution for any server issues by real-time access to certified server administrators.
24×7 Server Monitoring: 24×7 server monitoring of the services like PING, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, SSH, FTP, Disk, Memory, CPU, Contents, MySQL and more along with custom port monitoring.





Great service and advice. I rely on these great guys for all of my IT needs. Very fast response, very professional I would not hesitate to recommend.

Phuong has provided IT services for my company for many years. He is always helpful, fast, effective and great value.
Fantastic service we have used them many times to sort out issues on our servers, website and email issues